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Текст песни Sing Moten's Swing

Sing Moten's Swing

That's swing! yes, sir!
(swingin' from the time of birth)
Hip thing - gasser!
(swingin' fit t'shake the earth)
My man! benny!
(swing a man for all he's worth)
That's moten's thing

Verse 1
Swing, that's the thing
Y'gotta dig it
Bust loose 'n give it a try
Go! go! go!
Swing it! swing it! swing it!

Verse 2
Put some pepper in the pot
'n that'll make it sweet an' hot
'cause you're swingin', swingin', swingin'

Guitar solo
Repeat verse 1
Violin solo/background vocals:
Take it jackson!
Make some action, oh, yeah
Stir it up, stir it up, stir it up, stir it up benny
Moten's motion
Makes you feel some, oh, yeah
Stir it up, stir it up, stir it up
Let the chick steal some - go!!!

Steel guitar solo
Repeat background vocals

Let the chick steal some - go!!!

Janis' solo:
Aw - shake that pretty little bundle
Til you're poppin' your top
Cause I'm jus' gittin' in the groove
Baby, please don't stop
Ooh - turn me loose, lemme go, gimme room,
Lemme flow like water downstream
I'm livin' my dream. swingin' like a rusty gate - oops!
That's it, it's the moten's swing

Violin solo/janis' solo:
If you ever git it, don't 'cha run wit it,
Benny done did it way back
Yes, sir, mr. moten
It's his thing
That's swingin' - he's a swingin' it

Nobody can define it
It's a thing you can't describe in words
It's swingin', it's swingin'
Swing, they call it
Benny moten does it

Mos' people groove behin' it
Crowdin' every ballroom floor in herds
Jes' swingin', an' swingin's
What they call it
Benny moten was it

Satchmo from oliver defined it - singin'
Basie with moten, he refined it - swingin'

Now everyone's hip
Everyone's hip to the tip
People say it drives you crazy
Everyone digs that thing
Everyone likes a fling
Everyone likes to swing

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