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M : MADBALL : Hold It Down

Hold It Down
Текст песни D.I.F.F.M. (Fuck You)

D.I.F.F.M. (Fuck You)

this song goes out to all the kids out there who are keeping it real and turning their backs on any hardcore bands that make any money.
fuck that man.
hardcore isnt about money,
its a way of life.
sure i live with my mom right now,
but id live on the streets if i had to.
and i know deep in my heart,
that one day, i'll go to college,
get a real job,
and forget all about hardcore.
but until then im gonna talk as much shit as i can.
d.i.f.f.m. fuck you!
d.i.f.f.m. fuck you!
d.i.f.f.m. fuck you!
d.i.f.f.m. fuck you!
d.i.f.f.m. fuck you!

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