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L : LENNY KRAVITZ : Let Love Rule

Let Love Rule
Текст песни Be


Lord what's the matter
Am I lost
This life's a disaster, what is the cause
Am I a junkie, what is my fate
Or am I a flunkie who doesn't relate
Or am I a child so full of hate

Am I a doctor or even a priest
Or am I a rapist who needs a release
A psychotic prancer
Times square dancer
The mind can see as long as you'll be
For real with yourself
And you'll forever be

Be, be, be, be
You'll forever be
Be, be, be, you'll forever you be
You'll forever be
When you're real with yourself
You'll forever be

Lord what's the matter am I insame
This life's an illusion that's all it remains
Are you listening, are you boss
Am I gonna make it up on that cross
Believe in your name and
You'll forever be

Be, be, be, be
You'll forever be
Be, be, be, you'll forever be
Ever be, ever be
You'll forever be
You'll forever, ever, ever.

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