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K : KING DIAMOND : Conspiracy

Текст песни Victimized


A little later in the day mother and the doctor went away
They left me lying on the floor
Heading for local church, no a trace of guilt in their eyes
The reverend sammael, the venom of God himself
And so easy to convert

Conspiracy, I'm being victimized again

Knocking at the preacher's door
None of them were ever here before
Sammael, God in his eyes, leads them into the silent room
Oh such a holy gloom

Doctor: priest, do you remember king, the loony one
The one who killed his grandma' up on the hill?
Priest: yes I do


Doctor: now he's back, the loony one

Talking to the preacher for a while
The doctor turned him into a child
Sammael, God in his eyes, swallowed everything the doctor said
Oh in the gloom of the night

Priest: from what you tell me we cannot save him
It could be satan himselfg or some evil demon
Let us not waste any time, the demon might twist our minds
We must go and do what must be done

Conspiracy, I am being victimized again . . . victimized

So they left the church, conspiracy of the cursed
Through the dark and the rain, the priest was mildly insane
A crucifix in his hand . . . oh no . . .

Doctor: soon the house belongs to us my dear
And king will be gone forever, isn't it just heaven?

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