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J : JUDDS : This Country's Rockin'

This Country's Rockin'
Текст песни This Country's Rockin'

This Country's Rockin'

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor
If you're old or young
Everybody, every now and then
Has got to have some fun
So turn up the music
Turn up the juice
Put me in the spotlight
And turn me loose
You better hold on tight
This country's gonna rock tonight


This country's rockin'
To the beat of a brand new drum
Back in kentucky where I come from
They love to hear that old guitar strum
This country's rockin'
Jump back and let the bad boys play
Everywhere across the usa
This country's rockin' all the way

You might ride a horse, drive a porsche
Or cruise in limousines
Eat caviar with champagne
Or cornbread with your pinto beans
But there's one thing
In which we all agree
We love our country music
Like the queen loves tea
What a lovely sight
We're gonna rock tonight

(repeat chorus)

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