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J : JOURNEY : Arrival

Текст песни Live & Breathe

Live & Breathe

I've been waiting for the sky to clear,
To get me out of here
Get me on my way and go
I've been waiting for a sign to appear
To show me the way to a place I've never known
All I have are my dreams....
Your love and blind faith
There... in the sky spins a wheel,
It's giving' me the feelin' that my dream
Came true today


There's a place... where we two can be together
Once the clouds are gone we'll both move on
In search of all we've dreamed
There'll come a day...
Blue skies endless and forever
Well, that time has come
I've found the sun in you, I live and breathe

From the moment that I close my eyes,
Feel the sun it rise,
Hear it echo through my soul
For the first time in this young man's life,
Makes me feel alive
Fills my heart and makes me stronger

All I have are my dreams...
Your love and blind faith
There in the sky spins a wheel,
It's givin' me the feeling'
That my dream came true today

Repeat chorus

Someplace closer to both our hearts
Somewhere further than where we are
Just as long as there's hope enough
Long as I live and breathe

Repeat chorus

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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