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J : JOHNNY CLEGG & SAVUKA : Scatterlings

Текст песни Simple Things

Simple Things

Rain forest talking to the dragon-mountain-moon
Stars infest the heavens in the southern skies
Otter swim against the river, whisper in the water
The stars are dead and what you see are shining lies
Body-smoke tie the night in a misty web of blue
Simple things are all we have left to trust
An apple, a horse, some milk and a little bread
Will help time stop slipping through our fingers
What you got left to trust?
Stones in the dust!
A simple thing you got left to trust
Someone in your heart singing
Crickets learn the final chorus of their night song
Standing at your door 'cause I have nowhere else to go
Tried to fill the empty spaces with my songs
Came here 'cause I know you also sometimes feel this way
I brought an apple, a horse, some milk and a little bread
I hope I will not find you smiling in a dream
For I have come too far to face again what I have

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