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J : JOHNNY CLEGG & SAVUKA : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Missing


Burning tyres on the freeway
Noone in sight
Thre's a raging calm
Across the land tonight
Voice on the radio says
Another one's down tonight.
It don't matter anymore
Which side he's on.
Came to your place to see
If you're all right
And the shadows
Danced across the stairway
Flight after flight
And I was banging at your door
But you weren't there anymore
And the g-man stepped
Into the light and said
This is war!

Uzogijima -----------(you will run away)
Well I've got to get through
'cause I know that you are near the end
Uzogijima ----------(you will run away)
Uzogijima kodwa -----(you will run away but there
Awusekho umgodi------is no hole left for you to hide in)
When the big wind blows
The tree falls down
But the reed just bends
You'r missing

Roadblock across my heart
And a riot in my mind
'cause I know that you are
Out there somewhere
Trying to find a place to hide
The shadow of a ruthless hand
Is hunting for your soul
And though I don't know
Where you are
I'll never let you go


And I want you to know
That as things fall apart
I'm on the road to nowhere
And you're heavy on my heart
And I want you to know
That this state will never last
Maybe better days are coming
And we'll make peace with the past


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