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J : JOHNNY CLEGG & SAVUKA : Heat, Dust & Dreams

Heat, Dust & Dreams
Текст песни These Days

These Days

Yashimbawula! (the watchman's fire is burning)

What happened to the diamonds in your eyes,
What happened to the hunger for the day's chase?
What happened to the electric smile
That danced across your face
We used to talk about changing the world
Now all you want to do is change your name
Come on baby don't surrender now
To the empty heart of these days.
We used to talk so deep into the night
You had the heart of a wild horse running
You bared your soul to me
And we both knew these days were coming

These days -- blood in the heavens
These days -- fire and ice
These days -- burning streets and visions
These days -- of the loveless child


You were the reason I came here
You will always be the one I am looking for
I can't stand to see the way
These days are pushing you against the wall
Got to get up, got to move out
Face the tide beyond the door
Outside there's a whole world changing
We can't stand here, trapped inside
Let's step out and test the weazther
Hang on baby, it's going to ge a rough ride thru'


These days -- searching for a vision
These days -- gun metal blue
These days -- changing my religion
These days -- heartless and cruel

Say the words and fill my sails
I will love you through the coming gale
We'll get through the darkest heart of these days

It's killing time
Who will watch the watchers?
Who will keep the keepers?
Who will love the lovers -- could you?


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