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J : JOHNNY CLEGG & SAVUKA : Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World
Текст песни It's an Illusion

It's an Illusion

Hum mmm oh, hum mm oh yehum

It's an illusion!

Once again my wings on fire
Flapping round your deadly flames
Walking on the old high wire
Trying to keep myself away
You come walking down your marble stairs
Throwing back your yellow hair
And I want you and I need you
But every time you let me near
You leave me feeling such sweet despair
'going to keep away, keep away

It's an illusion
To think I can keep away from you
It's an illusion
Like eskimoes in mogadishu
It's an illusion
This state of independence I'm in
It's an illusion
Like polar bears in berlin

When I feel happy, you feel deep
You always go out when I want to sleep
Fire, water, sun and rain
War and peace and night and day
Who can understand
Love's magic incompatibilities?
Going to keep away, keep away

It's an illusion
It's just a cheap masquerade
It's an illusion
Hiding this love I can't evade
It's an illusion
Can't you see through the camouflage?
It's an illusion
Without you life is a mirage

I'm a foot without a shoe, I'm the fuzz without a clue
I'm a ship without a crew, I'm lost without you
One and one that can't make two, carrots looking for some stew
A lawyer with no one to sue, I'm lost without you
I'm the sky that's lost it's blue, I'm the beer that just won't brew
I'm a stamp that has no glue, I'm lost without you
A hound with no fox to pursue, I'm a cat that's lost it's mew
A star without an interview, I'm lost without you

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