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J : JOHN MELLENCAMP : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Get a Leg Up

Get a Leg Up

Don't look at me donпїЅt touch me
Keep your mind straight ahead
Don't get no funny ideas about we
Or you'll wish you were dead
That's what I am thinking she must be thinking
The girl I spent 53 bucks on last night
She give me a look from the corner of her eye
That says, boy, keep acting right
How surprised was i
When she leaned over and whispered in my ear

Get a leg up
Get a leg over boy
Get a leg up
What's the matter
Are you shy, shy, shy?

I'm pretty good with first impressions
But sometimes i'm not always right
I pulled the car to the shoulder of the road
To see what she had in mind
Want me to spend the night
Hey lover boy you know I will
And my best girlfriend lives down the road
Together we will thrill ya
And i'm thinking to myself
I could be lucky pierre tonight

If I could get a leg up
If I could get a leg over boy
You know I ain't that handsome
But you know I ain't shy, shy, shy

The rest of the night we went on and on
And the moral to this song
DonпїЅt go making hasty judgements
Because sometimes they could be wrong
Nothing wrong with a good time
Just keep yourself protected make a list
And you can bet your life that the women donпїЅt know
The little girls are acting like this
So the next time a young one moves up
And she whispers in your ear

Get a leg up
Get a leg over boy
Get a leg up
What's the matter
Now don't you be shy, shy, shy?

Get a leg up
Get a leg over boy
Get a leg up
WhatпїЅs the matter
Now donпїЅt you be shy, shy, shy?

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