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Текст песни Say It With Flowers

Say It With Flowers

My clothes are dirty and my shoes are worn through
And you want me to feel sorry for you
I don't know why I try to do my best
The rules are all written, girl you're giving me an oral test

I try to talk my way right next to you
But it seems the more I say
The less my words are ever true

I'll say it with flowers on your wedding day
I'll say it with flowers when you walk away
I'll say it with flowers, it's all I have to say

You believe nearly everything you hear
That kind of faith is gonna only bring tears
Cause cheap talking is really making the rounds
You're much better off with your mouth shut tight in this town

And though our best intentions were sincere
I nominate these lovers now
For liars of the year


Little girl I know you thing that I'm crazy
But I don't want to be pushing up daisies
Before I ever get over you
Dont you think we've talked enough
Don't you think that I've said enough


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