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J : JODECI : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Life


Just like a birdie
I just wanna fly free
So high, so high
And own a piece of land
Somewhere, somewhere
Off in a country
Oh, oh yeah, listen
Temperature like a hundred degrees
Like I got chains on me
Black male and a family of 3
Been robbed of my destiny
Reckon I'll fly away
Cause it's too much for this man
Shouldn't 'a gone down this way
What happened to my masterplan
Cause I can't figure out
I could have been a love child
Shouldn't 'a gone down this way
Tell me, how did I get life


Life life
Life life
Life life
Life life

Oh somebody done done me wrong
Done me wrong
My eyes to the ceiling all night long
All night long
Time is slippin away from me
Away from me
And it ain't no tellin when I'll get home
Gotta get home, yeah
Just about to see the dollar sign
That's close to a peace of mind
And everything was about to be fine
So tell me
So how did I get life

Life life
Life life
Life life
Life life

I hoped for
Is gone now
Buried in the ground
Hopes and dreams
And all those things
I'll never see, said I'll never see
Somebody gave me life
Yeah yeah
Yes they did
Ooooooooooooooooh life

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