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Текст песни What Are You Doing About It

What Are You Doing About It

Oh, oh, oh, what are you doing about it
Oh pick me up baby
'cos I'm falling for your love
Won't give it up
For nothing, never had enough
My pleasure's yours honey
Feeling loose inside
You won't be sorry lover
For looking at my eyes
Through the night I stalk and prey
Looking for a place to stay
Something yearning in my heart
I couldn't stay another day
There could be no other way
My love is screaming to your heart

I've stuck arround this place too long baby
Another minute I'll go crazy
Have to find someone in need, honey
Must get my way, I must succeed
Check out this place
I see you there
The hunters being hunted
My pleasure's yours honey
Feeling loose inside
There's suspicion

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