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J : JESSICA ANDREWS : Heart Shaped World

Heart Shaped World
Текст песни Ruby Shoes

Ruby Shoes

The moon cast a shadow
On my bedroom wall
One silhouette not two
Nothing about this
Is familiar at all
Guess it's all what you're used to
I never pictured myself in this frame of mind
Maybe things will be different
When I open my eyes

But my name ain't dorothy
These ain't ruby shoes
I can't click my heel anytime I choose
And fly away
That ain't a tornado
Blowing out that door
That's the sound of him leaving
'cause he don't love me anymore
I'll just walk the floor
Oh, but I sure could use
Some of those ruby shoes

Wish I could wave a wand
Like he waved goodbye
And change the lock on my heart
This is gonna drown me
One tear at a time
If I don't stop it before it starts
Just sitting here wishing
Won't get it done
I know there's a road outta here
But I don't know which one

(repeat chorus)

Sure could use
Sure could use
Some of those ruby shoes

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