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J : JAYHAWKS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Promises Broken

Promises Broken

Streets are filled with broken glass
You get buried by the past
Give me just a little taste
Lay this mess to waste
Take me home, my mind is racing
Take me home, my body's aching
So alone, I'll make you wanna stay with me
Befriended by the enemy
One more time

Every little things about this tells me
Nothing out there is ever gonna help me
All these words that I hear spoken
Just promises broken now

Looking outside from my window sill
Throw another coin in the wishing well
You'll never find what you're looking for
15 miles your dim light shines from so far away
Your sad smile is all I see when I say


From the hotel satellite
Don't look like you're living right
Here's a deal you can't refuse
You ain't got as much to lose
Can you tell your troubles to
Someone who won't laugh at you, it's all right
And as I watch you walk away
Hope a part of you will stay, it's all right


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