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J : JAMIROQUAI : Return of The Space Cowboy

Return of The Space Cowboy
Текст песни Just Another Story

Just Another Story

Written by jay kay and toby smith

Nobody make a move
This kid's got you covered
He was just seventeen
Trying to get on like his dead brother
Mama couldn't make anything for him
Though she hurt inside
And daddy wants his son back
While he knows he's still alive

Stick up kid
Thinking you're a glory boy
Fronting that stupid toy
But you don't get that it's yourself you will destroy
Like a speed king freak of amphetamine
Still running that rock on the frontline
Get up tight when it's your turn
A bullet in the head is a leason learned
One of this days you're gonna say goodbye
Tellin' everyone you've never been so high
Born the same time that you die
Pushin' that draw like you're superfly
Heaven help all with no way out
That's what this is all about
This is not another trilogy
It's just another story
All your broken glories

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