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J : JAMIROQUAI : Dynamite

Текст песни Hot Tequila Brown

Hot Tequila Brown

How many times can a man watch the sunrise over again without feeling free

how many words will fill me in my neglegence to arrest, oh yes, this crazy part of me

how many fools will i let unlock the door to my heart when i know that know that they shouldn't have had the key

it's been so long and the groove in my heart is nearly gone all my heads in the clouds but im landing on my feet

don't shoot me down sunshine shining down
i'm hot tequila brown
don't shoot me down im stuck on but im lying here
sunshine shining down

how many lives will i lose on the budlines inside my mind i think i've had enough

don't shoot me down all i want is to see my black cars turn back to brown coz that roomy car i think i really must

chorus x4

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