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J : JAMIE WALTERS : Jamie Walters

Jamie Walters
Текст песни Hold On

Hold On

I don't wanna see you ever sad

And everything that I've got you can have

When it's all too much

You need some human touch

To see that it's really not so bad

Did you call on every saint you know

But still you feel like you're on your own

Can you see through your tears

I will always be here

And you're not out there all alone


Hold on,'till you feel a little stronger

Hold on to me

Hold on,everything's gonna be alright

Just hold on to me tonight

Anything that hurts you,hurts me too

I´m not gonna let your world turn blue

Will you take my hand

And feel how close I am

There ain't nothin'i won't do for you


I know the world

Can drive you to your knees

But when you need to cry,baby

Cry to me


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