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The Calm
Текст песни Rollin' Over

Rollin' Over

Rolin' over, Hell muthafuckin' yeah bitch. Hatchet chop straight to your muthafuckin' face. Rollin'
over. I look up ther's still so far to go? Wicked clowns got that real shit. What up though.

[verse 1]
I come floatin' in this bitch with some wings like a pegesies, got a shiny ass V on my cheast wut up
i'm Violent j the clown, I'm goofy for a second, but when your bitch headless i'm on top of her
necket. Yo know my status, I'm juggalatis, and we the baddest here to sever your melon it's wicked
shit that we sellin' we off the track now give your bitch ass a bitch slap now nobody never steppin
down we bout to enter second round. Running backwards on the walls shaggy 2 dope in this muthafucka.
You talkin through your but cause silence is for suckers. So i'm out there throughout the year i'm
right here don't stare like a bitch bitch buy me a beer nobody wicked like me i do this terrifically
and my mutahfuckin pimp slap will knock down a tree so clown love bitch, I seen it tatted on tittes we
forever on tour clown love in your city.

[Chorus 1]
Rollin' over, i look up there's still so far to go, so much time, Rollin over, I look up there's
still so far to go, it's yo time, Rollin over, I look up there's still so far to go, so much time,
Rollin' over, I look up there's still so far to go, it's yo time for your mind.

[Verse 2]
I got three body's stuffed in my trunk i'm blowin' red lights and bet i'm blowin' heads off before
i'm read any rights baby i'm outlaw. painted up and packin the bombs I stomp preps in the streets and
sound fire alarms bitch run for your life we keep it wicked and scary, and we welcome to our world
anything that you bury i throw meteors and fire balls through brick walls and got a thre foot dick for
all your chick jaws. Walkin' through the slums bout' to strangle someone, maybe it's accustom gotta
get it done, I live like that spirits haunting me like that, i'm lost in the ougi board ain't never
comin back. ou, ou

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