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Riddle Box
Текст песни Headless Boogie

Headless Boogie

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na (4x)

It's friday night, dark, scary,
Lonely walkin' through the park cemetery.
And it's foggy, cold and smoggy.
I hear a dog, a howlin' doggie.
I'm scared, shoulda brought a shotgun
Would've, should've, but I ain't got one.
But I'll watch my back, and what's that?
The caretaker, a dirty old hunchback.
Better run, hide, quick, fast,
He's comin' for my ass wit a- shovel.
Nowhere to run or to hide but a gravepit,
So I dove in, I did the dumb shit.
Took a fall, even at 6 foot.
Down the stairs hit a floor,
And through a door.
Into a whole new world of stiffs,
Bodies, heads, and sexy little dead chicks.
Club lights, sounds, bass.
Dj's spinnin' with maggots on their face.
But what I saw next that really took me.
Uhh! they did the headless boogie!

Hey, yo! I heard that ya died. (la la)
Fuck that! it's time to get live! (la la)
Dead bodies let's all take a ride!
Lead to the left and slide! (the headless boogie)

Hey, yo! I heard that ya died. (la la)
Fuck that! it's time to get live! (la la)
Dead bodies let's all take a ride!
Lead to the left and sliiide!
(end chorus)

Awwww yeah!
We dug up the finest bitches in the graveyard.
So c'mon down!
And if you ain't come to get your funk out,
Then get the fuck out, bitch!

They all stand straight, and swing to the side. (uh!)
No heads, but they feet still glide. (uh-huh!)
Take a step back, twist and dive. (yeah!)
I even seen kurt cobain gettin' live!
No heads, but they all funky!
And drunk, drinkin' old spunky!
Don't be shy, everyone's able.
Hit the floor leave your nugget on the table.
And kick step, but when you do kick soft,
If they're dead, your legs might fall off.
The whole time, I can't belive, I can't concieve,
I don't wanna... leave.
I'm kickin' into a freak with no head.
No face but the rest is straight.
She's wit it, I hit it like a... g.
Her back fell off.... ugh! excuse me.
Zombies, mummies, and frankenstein.
Drinkin' cisco disco dead wine.
Dead stiffs, comin' through the door.
Heads, fingers, and limbs on the floor.
I'm gettin' drunk, I wanna be down.
What's up? I wanna be the headless clown! (heh hehehehe!)
They rolled out the jigsaw and got raw.
That ended it all, I did the headless boogie.


Hey yo! fuck that voodoo claw shit, bitch!
You comin' freakin with the real dead juggalos.
So come on by, and we'll chop your nugget off
So you can freak that shiiit!

(chorus w/fade out at end)
~j talking to shaggs~

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