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Текст песни Rainbows Stuff

Rainbows Stuff

[violent j]
This goes out to that special someone in my life
Oh we all have somebody special, this is for them

I like ice cream, cherry pie
And lemon aid with summer freeze
I like rainbows, leafy trails
And puppy dogs with bumble bees
I like cotton candy gum
And bumper cars at carnivals
Golden skies and hazel eyes
And sand in-between my toes...but

Somethin' tells me that I hate you!
Somethin' tells me I must kill you!

[shaggy 2 dope]
You ain't shit but a sluty ass motherfucking slut you fucking whore!
I fucking hate you!

[violent j]
I like birthday candle cakes, and titty shakes with silicone
Secret whispers and delok sisters
And apple dips, ginger bread homes
Faking chills they give me thrills
And nyquil pills they make me smile
Hershey kisses and happinesses
Something so blessin' yet all the while


[shaggy 2 dope]
Suck my fucking dick, fuck off
Go fuck yourself you funky ass little biotch!
I'll, i'll, I'll fucking pinch your nipples shut

[violent j]
I like shaggy he's my friend
I like his mom she nice to me

[shaggy 2 dope]
Thank you j, I like you too

[violent j]
Oh well, it's okay we're family
Ravor chicks and kun fu flicks
And sugar sticks like lollipop (popping sound)
All these things have famous brings
But my hatred for you don't stop...bitch

(chorus 2x)

[*shaggy yelling*]
Biaaaatchhhhh, I fucking hate youuuuu
I fucking kill youuuuuu, you scary biiiiitch...

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