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I : INDIA.ARIE : Voyage To India

Voyage To India
Текст песни The One

The One

I got this feeling that I need to express
Laying it out so you don't have to guess
I'm making myself vulnerable
But you keep holding back, so scared to let it go
If you're looking for love I think I could be the one, the one, the one.

Tell me why you wanna be so cruel
Acting like you don't feel the way that you do
We've got the strongest compatibility
I just wanna explore the possibilities
But if you only wanna play games with me, I ain't the one, the one, the one.

I ain't got a husband you ain't got a wife
We two grown folks, let's spend some time together,
Get to know me better, maybe share some laughter
It just might turn into happily ever after
You never know I just might be the one 3x

I just might be that special girl
The one that God made especially for you
I just might be that special girl
The one to make you happy
I just wanna make you happy
One day we might hook up to and find like we was
You and me
La la la la la la la la 7x

I got a feeling that you might just be the one, the one, the one.
Yeah yeah yeah

La la la la la la la la la la la
Ah ooh oh ah oh

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