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G : GOOD CHARLOTTE : Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte
Текст песни Seasons


Summer air reminds me of all the feelings of your love,
And what it was like when we were together,
Walking all along the beach, you were never far from my reach,
And you held me through the stormy weather,

And I want to fall in love tonight,
And I remember when you said everything is gonna be alright,

Laying in the summer grass,
You told me not to talk so fast as I told you how I feel,
You made me feel right at home,
You told me I was not alone and you knew just how I feel,


I know we talked about it,
I just can't get around it,
I just want one more night with you,


October air reminds me of all the feelings of your love,
And what it was like, when we were together,
The smell of fall is everywhere and though it seems,
I just don't care, 'cause now you're gone away,


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