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G : GODSMACK : Godsmack

Текст песни Keep Away

Keep Away

Sickness spillin' thru your eyes.
Cravin' everything that you thought was alive.
Stab me in the heart again.
Drag me through your wasted life, are you forever dead?

Do like I told you,
Stay away from me.
Never misunderstand me,
Keep away from me.

Twisting everything around that, you say...yeah!.
Smack me in my mouth 200 times every other day.
Rag me, I don't hear you anymore, not yet.
Find out what it means to me, I don't know who you are

[repeat chorus twice]


Draggin on so lonely,
Aren't you tired, baby? yeah.
Breathing life into your lungs,
Are you immune to me?

[repeat chorus twice]

Keep away from me...
Never misunderstand me...
Never misunderstand me...
Never misunderstand me...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

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