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Текст песни Love Don't Live

Love Don't Live

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vivid scene
Love don't live here anymore

This is dedicated to all of my ladies in relations
Peep this out

[verse 1]
I'm a lady who be keepin' it real, you don't care
Take time out, see how I feel
When I be ridin' in the suv, I'm thinkin' of you
When I be smokin' on my hydro, boy I'm thinkin' of you
You got me goin' like uuuuuhhhh
I'm feelin' the rush, I like to fuck
Doggy style in the back of the truck, so boy whussup?
It's whatever when it comes down to you
Well it was, until you made it clear that I ain't for you
You just abandoned me, you left me strandedly
Heart broke, constantly
Hearin' love songs on the radio, that remind me of you
They say a gangsta ain't 'posed to cry
But I'm sheddin' tears and I'm a gangsta until I die
I'm tellin' you boy, they say no pain then no gain
Now they call me playa because you teachin' me all yo game
I say I ain't change, but then again just peep me out
Ay yo, I don't think this shit is gonna work...
I'm ready to leave you, get out

Repeat chorus

[verse 2]
Just be a man about it, you don't have to lie to me
Nigga leave my house, you can get the fuck away from me
Take yo' fuckin' car keys, get yo' fuckin' clothes too
Nigga this mah credit card, hold up that's my bank book
Why you out here cheatin' on me, I'm gettin my own creepin' on
(nigga talkin') ay girl, why you ain't answer that God damn phone?
Uhh why nigga, I was gone
Nigga bout my ? ? ? hea, pay my own light bill
I don't need you, got my own fingers for my sex thrill
Shit, I'm a mack, playa you ain't heard my real name?
Mrs. pimpin' thang, pussy power to the fuckin' brain
If you wanna play, get in the shower stroke yo'self
I ain't the one to be messed with, pimpin' to my death
Slip in and slip out, remember how that used to be?
I would get so wet when you put yo' love inside of me
But that's the past now, no more freaky tail nights
No more poppin' x, or sex asshole tight

Repeat chorus

[verse 3]
I ain't tryina get caught up in yo games
Personally, I think that shit is lame
Whachu doin' err' now and then when you wanna hit
I ain't givin' yo ass shit, you'll be just another trick
On my list of busta's, diamond clusters
Rings, old game used to be so not told
With yo' frozen heart, boy you tore my soul apart
My xx plot, about a nigga from the ? ? ?
With yo' seven inch cock, give it to me don't you stop
I keep fallin' for you, hypnotized doubt you get my props
But now I'm single, pussy bad tight
I ain't fuckin' with no giggalos, niggaz ain't right
They wanna cut now, they wanna cut later
They ain't call yo ass then, they ain't call yo ass later
That's how it goes, I'm out the door, holla back
Hit me on my 2 way when you ready
That's that on that

Repeat chorus

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