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G : GANG STARR : No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy
Текст песни Positivity


Now let's get off this negative tip, and go positive --> chubb rock
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

Now is the chance to advance and get an outlook
Create the circumstance, because I doubt books
Can relay, words this way, so I'll portray
A new image, and let's begin as
Members who pledge to, look up ahead to
A beautiful world, though we've been led to
Believe it will not be and, we still are seein
Agreein there'll be peace, the wealth will increase
And we'll prosper, you know like flourishin
The rhyme I toss ya, it will be nourisihin
Cause I must bring, ideals for better living see
Because I do believe in positivity

Positive but never negative
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

Weak is the clown, much weaker is the fool
I'll overrule to duel and to school
For reasons that are so deep, I don't need no cheap
People to identify, I'll just say hi and bye
Since I'm an optimist, I'll turn and walk with this
Tape playing loudly, inside my headphones
Mc's that crowd me, turn into headstones
Because I don't have time for, powerless minds or
Suckers who suck, because I find more
Interesting topics, you can not stop it
I drop it and rock it I shock it, that's how I'm livin b
I have to live my life with positivity

Positive but never negative
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

Havin nothin to lose, so much to win
Bein grateful for my darker skin, I take you for a spin
And then begin to groove and sooth and move your whole
Crew, the guru, and truth I wanna give to you
So watch as I break through to your dome
Cause I'm prone to give a message, then back home
Is where I'm goin, still knowin, my life's right
And that days to come, will be fun
I'll achieve, I'll receive, and I'll be livin free
Me and my dj premier with positivity... positivity!

Positive but never negative
* dj premier cuts n scratches *

So if you're generatin positivity out there
You know that's the move
Yo me and premier, and dancer h.l. rock
We always got positivity
Brooklyn, the boogie down
All the boroughs got positivity
Jersey, philly, boston, houston, cleveland
L.a., and the rest of the country's got positivity
The u.k., germany, the rest of europe's got positivity
And of course africa and the rest of the world
They all have positivity
Cause everybody should have positivity
Peace and bless

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