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F : FOREIGNER : Unusual Heat

Unusual Heat
Текст песни Safe in My Heart

Safe in My Heart

In this world, life can be hard on a sensitive girl
Who do you turn to, when you really need someone
Don't give in, hold on, and in time
The day will come, and you will know
That your life has only just begun
And you will feel love, you'll feel the earth meet the heavens above
Leave the past behind, now is the time
Put your trust in me, and believe, when I tell you
I want you, close to me
And from now until the end of time

You'll be safe, safe in my heart, so safe, you know you are
In this space, in this heart
There will always be a place for you
Safe in my heart

From now on, girl I'll be there, I'll be strong for you
When you need me, I'll be right here by your side
Put your trust in me and believe when I tell you
I need you, close to me
From now, 'till the end of time, I want you to know

You are safe, in my heart, so safe, you know you are
In this space, in this heart
There's no room, for anyone but you
I would cry for you, even die for you
So just listen and remember, there will always be a place
For you
Safe in my heart

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