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F : FAITH EVANS : Faith Evans

Faith Evans
Текст песни You Don't Understand

You Don't Understand

1 - is it a game that we're playing
It seems like the cloudy days
Keep coming in my life, whoa
Is it a game that we're playing
You don't understand
Your love is taking over me

I know you wonder why I sometimes cry
When I should be happy (I should be happy)
To have you in my life (whoa)
But you don't understand the changes I've been going through
Just to be happy
I need you by my side
(baby just spend some time)

Repeat 1

Sometimes we said we'd try to make it right
But so many other things are getting in the way
(in the way) all we got to do is lean on each other to make it happen
There's nothing more left to say
(nothing that we can say)

2 - and I'm going crazy
Trying to do it by myself
But I really need your help
Baby please (oh baby please) listen to me
I'm down on my knees (yeah)
Baby please (yeah) don't walk away (oh)

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

3 - baby I love you and I want you to know
If you love me baby just let your feelings show

Repeat 3 til end of song

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