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D : DR. FEELGOOD : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Talk of The Devil

Talk of The Devil

(stiff music ltd./zomba music publ.ltd.)

Keep looking back over your shoulder
You don't know who might be there
Hiding under your bed or right behind your chair
Watching every move now and hearing every word
Be careful what you say now, you might be overheard

Don't talk of the devil
Don't talk of the devil
Don't talk of the devil
He might be near

He's watching from the tv
He waits to make a pass
You pour him from a bottle
He's smiling from your glass
He talks through women's lips now
He laughs through those eyes
Shooting from the hip now
It's all a batch of lies

Don't talk of the devil
Don't talk of the devil

Don't say I didn't warn you
'cause I'm a man who knows
Who wishes he'd never been born
Bad from head to toe
Better keep your nose clean
And keep your cards to your chest
The only thing you can do know
Is keep hoping for the best

Don't talk of the devil
(repeat to fade)

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