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D : DIE KRUPPS : Без сортировки

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Текст песни The Last Flood

The Last Flood

Another day in the city of pain
Sharing the life of the mad and insane
I'm closing my eyes in awe of the scenes
I cover my ears in fear of their screams

And I'm waiting

The day does not end and so does the night
That covers the streets in darkness and fright
I'm staying awake while the city sleeps
Watching the low life, the pimps and the creeps

And I'm waiting
Waiting in vain
And I'm waiting
For the cleansing rain

And I'm praying
Praing in vain
And I'm praying
For the cleansing rain

And when I look up I can't see the sky
Stormbringing clouds are piling up high
Pouring red rain
Forming pools of blood
Bringing redemption of the last flood.

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