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D : DAZ DILLINGER : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Thank God for My Life

Thank God for My Life

Yeah, right about now me myself, daz dillinger, along with the gang,
Mister tray deee, mister bad bad carabino, and soopafly the high priest,
Ah, letting you know that this gang banging is serious business.
So thank God for your lifes, and keep on striving and struggling.

I thank God for my life,
What I wanted y'all to do is live right.
You pray for me, I pray for you,
'cause together we can get it, what else can we do?
I thank God for my life... (and that's real)

Tray deee:
So you think drinking and chilling, big willing and dealing,
Is the life for the righteous 'cause it's so appealing.
Dealing, stealing and killing is the way to succeed,
So you're illing and willing to take whatever you need.
You're the villain indeed but you pleed your innocence,
Say that in society you gotta be militant.
It's (? ? ) and (? ? ) just for too damn long,
You need to get in business, sing a new damn song.
Like (? ? ) and (? ? ) as you learn to leave,
So you should learn to give, that's how you earn your deeds.

Big pimpin:
Tray deee, I gotta tell the truth: never cherish the day,
Till I open up my eyes and discover the ways.
This life is hard, treats you cold, plus life don't last,
And plus we're dying fast and plus these fools is blasting.
Yo grace is what I'm asking for,
It's no chilling when that man in black is at my door.
I thought I'd seen him a couple of times before,
Ran back the other way, took off course and forced to cherish the day.

Bad a$$:
God help us out here, we're falling down
And everything that we did build is falling down.
I'm calling out 'cause you can help us if you touch us,
And we need you, why we're bleeding.
Any second we can meet you, lifestyles of earth mislead you.
Have mercy on my soul, please lay me down easy,
God watches, and he knows the life we live ain't easy.
At least try to live right, 'cause life ain't long,
And ain't nothing like living life all day long.
Mister bad is all good like the songs we sing,
I simply gotta thank God for the life I live.

You never know what's going on in this world,
Thank God I'm just still in this world.
We're in the streets everyday, that's where we live,
We was thaught to perceive and to give.
Don't be stingy, give a little 'cause I do,
Don't be fake and be yourself to stay true.
When you see me in the streets oh get me,
Don't play hate and dump at me.
Don't be sad homie, only be happy.
I sing this song to the streets with the gang,
Gotta live a uncut to the streets, daz dillinger.
Will our struggle ever be over? from the wrath of the street,
I pray for you, let's pray for me, let's keep it real, peace.

And there you have it,
A little something from the gang and daz dillinger.
Letting you know that life is real serious,
And the situation at hand is a real situation.
So think...

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