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D : DAVID HASSELHOFF : Looking for Freedom

Looking for Freedom
Текст песни Flying on The Wings of Tenderness

Flying on The Wings of Tenderness

I guess I'll never understand it
A billion people on this planet
And here I've found
The one who's made for me

Just when I thought my hopes had faded
I found the one who was created
To hold my hand
And share this world with me

(we're) flying on the wings of tenderness
Ride on a river of gentleness
Into the garden of love we'll flow
And watch it grow together

We'll build a castle out of honesty
Fill every room with the harmony
Seeing the world thru each others eyes
We'll live our lives together

I've always hidden my emotions
But now my heart is free and open
To give to you
The love you gave to me

Cause now the sands of time have shifted
And every burden has been lifted
Cause now I know
Our love will show the way

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