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D : DARYL HALL : Can't Stop Dreaming

Can't Stop Dreaming
Текст песни What's in Your World

What's in Your World

Tell me what world you're living in

I'm trying so hard to understand

Searching my soul just so find any line

That connects me to whatever you are hiding

Remember how we used to be

We shared the best baby, the best of everything

Now it seems like we're slowly drifting apart

Tell me when did we stop communicating

Heart to heart


What's in you world

What'cha trying to hide from me

I can't fight what I can't see

I need so know what's going on

What's in your world

I'm standing here with a broken heart

Trying to stop before l start

Falling all over again

Baby I need to know

Need for you to show

What's in your world

Girl l'm not ready to walk away from you

Unless you say that it's over and done, I know

I'ii do what I gotta do

Lt's time to remind you that love's on the line

So baby say what you gotta say

But if you're gonna walk away (tell me)

Chorus: (repeat)

Now I'm sure you understand

That a man must be a man

I've got so many promises to keep

Maybe l'm in too deep

Can't see tho other side

And baby all I want to do is satisfy

How can I give you what you need

When you're not telling me

Chorus: (repeat)

Chorus: (repeat)

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