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C : CREATURES : Boomerang

Текст песни Pity


Ugly words, ugly crimes,
Ugly thoughts invade your mind
No charity, no dignity,
No sympathy... so I'll be deaf, dumb, and blind today
Nausea is all I feel today
Divorce these crimes from my eyes

Lowered cowls, silent vows,
Withered crocus on the ground abound
From your cell are distant bells,
Blossom falls like snow and dies in silence
All decays and breaks silence
All decays then dies...

Sadness chimes bitter times
Hardened fools unfair, unkind
Mercy me, mercy you
Say you do have pity for the things we do
Say you do... you do

Save me... no vision today
Save me... no hearing or speaking today

Say you do have pity for the things we do
Say you do... you do

Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil.

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