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C : CLINT BLACK : Looking for Christmas

Looking for Christmas
Текст песни Finest Gift

Finest Gift

Verse one

She can shop all over town, turn the gift
Shops upside down
Finding something for her man with everything
But it's right behind her eyes and no matter what she buys
She'll always be the finest gift she brings


Every year it's never missed, should be at
The top of every list
It can never be outdone,it's the perfect
Gift for everyone

Verse two

It's in everything you'll see scattered
Underneath our tree
You can hear it in the carols that we sing
It's the heart of love's design and it
Appreciates with time
And she'll always be the finest gift she brings

(repeat chorus)

Verse three

Now it's not in any store and she could
Never give me more
Then her promise of the finest gift she brings
I know her love's the finest gift she brings

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