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C : CHELY WRIGHT : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Till I Was Loved by You

Till I Was Loved by You

Writers: alan jackson/mark irwin

I tried my hand at the game enough
But I ain't lucky when it comes to love
I want it all but I never wanna wait
You ain't like the ones I've known before
You stir up feelings that I can't ignore
This heart of mine finally understands


And baby, I've been held and I've been tied down
I've been wrapped and I've been unwound
I've been kissed oh
But I ain't never been loved
Till I was loved by you

Now people told me that I was wrong
But I knew love was a sweeter song
I kept waiting for the perfect melody
Now in your arms it's plain as day
Knowing you was worth the wait
Come say you'll never give up on me

(repeat chorus twice)

Till I was loved by you
Till I was loved by you
Till I was loved by you

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