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C : CHANTE MOORE : Exposed

Текст песни Straight Up

Straight Up

Feat/jermaine dupri

[jd](chante moore)
Yeah, oh
Uh, uh, uh
You know what it is (ooh)
When your head go back and forth (ooh)
So so def, uh (ooh)
Chante, 2k(ooh)
Baby come on, come on, come on

Straight up I can love you forever yo
Cause you're the kind of guy I can settle for
I'm not the type to love you and let you go
Let me know it's now or it's never yo

Cause I know them other girls try and do you in
But I'm not the average girl you've been fooling with
Cause those other females are counterfeit
But everything all up here's legit

1 - it's like this, like this
Like that baby
Put the other girls way to the back baby
So you know I'm not just talking that stuff baby
Call me up and let me know what's up baby
(what's up? )

2 - here's the number to my cell
Now hit me on the hip
Here's the number to my crib
Where I really love
Straight up
I'm not thinking 'bout them other chicks
Straight up
They ain't even coming close to this
Here's the number to my job
Or call me in the whip
Now how many chicks
You know come with this
Straight up
Cause I'm tryna put you on to this
Straight up
And I'm not just talking it

So tell me are you spoken for
Cause I don't see a ring on your finger boy
Excuse me if I'm bold with my question now
But I'm not looking for a hit and run
Don't tell me how those other girls used to be
Just think about you getting used to me
I'mma show you everything you tryna see
I'mma put you right where you need to be

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

A lot of girls won't do the things I do
A lot of girls won't say the things I say
Know that all of this is true
Talking 'bout me loving you
(please belive)
Boy I do
Coming straight up asking me
When you know what I'm about
With a game sweeter than can be
So baby won't you check me out

(ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh)
Y'all know what it is
When you're head go back and forth
(ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh)
Y'all know what it is
When you're head go back and forth
(straight up, straight up, what's up? )

Repeat 2 till end

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