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B : BRYAN FERRY : Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place
Текст песни Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place


I knew there´d be times like this
When i´d sit at home and reminisce
Oh how one´s memory slips...
So I close my book
And sighing, take a second look
Sure enough - i´m quite alone
Still, there no sound
So I spin-a-disc around and around
And slide the needle in the groove...
Drive down any highway baby
But don´t bid me adieu
Through a sea of twisting byways
I´ll be trailing you
Eternity´ll solve our problem
Take it as you may
And destiny will stand corrected
Should we connect some day
Another time - to spend
Another place - to go
Another love to share with you
Deep emotion springs from this life
Wells up inside
Quick, pick me up and pour me over
The clouds crying by
Another time - to spend
Another place - to go
Another love this time it´s true
Anyway you want me lover
Used to be your tune
I looked you up - you looked me over
My lucky strike won through
I was cut, dried and discarded
Just a rusty blade
But since I found my four leaf clover
I´ve seen the light again
All the tears
In the world
Seem to fall from you
At their
Rainbow´s end
A halcyon day
Or two
How soon
We fool ourselves
How slow
We tread
Astral planes
Collide head on
And on and on we glide
As if forever

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