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Текст песни My Kinda Girl

My Kinda Girl

Verse 1 :

When I was younger
I never went too far
Held my feelings
I never even wanted to start
Till when I met you
I didn't know
What you were gonna do with my heart

Bridge :
When you talk (hang on every word you say)
When you move (like the breeze of a summer day)
When you smile
The sky turns from gray to blue
That's what you do

Chorus :
And you're the kind of girl I think of
And you're the king of girl I dream about
My heart is telling me I need you in my world
Cause you're my kinda lady, you're my kinda girl.

Verse 2 :
When I'm not with you
Wherever you are
Baby I'm counting
The moments till I'm back in your arms
All I want is to have you here with me
Every night every day


Bridge 2:
Baby girl I need you by side
And if you're there everything will be alright
Cause this is the time for us
Baby be mine

Chorus till end.

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