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B : BOB SEGER : It's a Mystery

It's a Mystery
Текст песни Revisionism Street

Revisionism Street

Words and music by bob seger, craig frost, tim mitchell

I saw them standing on a corner
Bathed in ordinary light
They turned away and started walkin'
And faded off into the night
Some years ago they were in fashion
Tonight they couldn't get a seat
They've got themselves a brand new history
From revisionism street
Written on revisionism street

The years of sacrifice and struggle
The arc of stardom's natural course
The inevitable decline
The wolves waiting at the door
Let's dig up something really nasty
Let's get some clay around their feet
No ones memory is sacred 'round here
On revisionism street

We'll never be in the arena
Hey, we'll never have to compete
We'll never write a classic novel
And we'll never have to be discreet!

Alfred hitchcock, isaac newton
Elvis presley, captain bligh
They're heroic or pathetic
Depending on which book you buy
Charles dickens, jackie gleason
Burn 'em all, turn up the heat
If there's no truth, use innuendo
This is revisionism street

Let's find ourselves some old acquaintance
Let's see what they have to say
Some disgruntled ex-employee
Presto! payday!

A tree falls in the forest
A million copies go to print
Some parasitic little feeder
Sits back and makes a mint
Somewhere a baby's softly sleeping
Lt's innocence complete
Unaware they're workin' late tonight
On revisionism street

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