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B : BLONDIE : Debravation

Текст песни Communion


I've touched some objects of faith more precious than pieces of eight.
Seen sacred places and ritual ways, but for communion let's go to my place.
I learned to pray on my knees.
Been taken in hand, if you please.
Had my own revelations, ideas about fate, but for communion let's go to my place.
So as the body, so as the blood, sacred as the soul is to love.
Don't be mistaken if you don't understand, divinely simple.
Part of the plan.
This is my body!
I give it to you.
This is my blood.
Do it in remembrance of me (so you won't forget me).
Now, I've been a witness of grace.
Iнve stared sacred days in the face.
The long long parade of ritual ways, but for communion let's go to my place.
Sacred stories are told.
They're passed on like pieces of gold.
So make your conclusions, consider your fate, and for communion let's go to my place.
Are you ready?
Are you ready for communion?

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