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B : BLOEM DE LIGNY : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Fingiecrookie


Anarchy, anarchy, anarchy

Via multiple ways
I find you are hacking my mind
A tongue in my ear my dress off
It wears me out - heroine
My evil eye, I on flattop
No I can't decide: eat her one of them
Or suck up fingers or swallow up dirty mind

My nose is still wet
I got insanity out on my bread
My sandwitch is still hot
I eat my tongue and I get upset
I want to get myself an eyegum so I'm heel over head
I haven't had so many voices under my hat
But it's not howdy all the time that I hear
Yet I can swallow all the things I did never get you so near
I like to be a bottom and also a top
And then I wish and soooooo

Insanity is lurking around
Insanity is walking around

I'm kinda simple
But I don't know where the noises are comming from
I get so like a tiger and then
I swallow all the guns
I get so sneaky and I think i
Tear my finger off again
And then I shout like a mongolian infant:
Oooh oooh oooh how my sore
Oooh oooh I'm so sore but I can't help moan
Oooh ooh I'm such a fingiecrookie for a long sneaking time

Insanity is lurking around
Insanity is walking around

Now now now comes the sound I get so hot
And then I tumble down again
My cares are self only a sock
Insanity is twisting my holy career
I sell by bottle and then I come end
As close as as near
Insanity is lurking around
Insanity is walking around

Insanity is lurking around
Insanity is luuuuuuuuurking

Here come the noises
Here here come the noises
Here come the noises

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