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B : BILLIE MYERS : Growing, Pains

Growing, Pains
Текст песни The Shark & The Mermaid

The Shark & The Mermaid

Without a moments hesitation
They threw caution to the wind.
He though, she must be blind not to see
He was no prince charming, no beauty.
She held flowers at her fingertips,
And honey fell from her lips,
He dived, into the oceans wild
As she swam in the morning mist...

He said, if it's mine it will be, always yours.
Cast away any doubt and open up those
Doors... it was the

Shark and the mermaid

As they grow in mind and body,
And the days turned into years.
He thoughm one day she might go away,
But her love overshadowed his fears.
Under the liquid sky,
Where they lived they were legends to
Fate distracted by their simple charms,
Left them there to love alone.

Now the angels wait patiently,
For the shadows down below, they stop and
Smile because...

It's the shark and the mermaid

Nobody thought that the love would last
Everybody looked and everybody laughed
But the mermaid and the shark they just
Slipped away
Nothing stopped them no one got in their
Standing together as lovers and friends.
They stayed together their love knew no
Proving everyone wrong, they grew together
They were strong.
Everybody was wrong.
About the...
Shark and the mermaid

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