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B : BETTER THAN EZRA : How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Текст песни Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

(written by kevin griffin)

Well, your photo stills
In your wallet with your unpaid bills
And you show it like it means something
You could never know the pain it brings

And here you are
Standing in our drive
(when absence suits you best)
Your letters and your cards
But no return address

Now you come around
Now you come around
Your familiar sounds
We are your beautiful,
We are your beautiful mistake.

Waiting for this day
Well I memorized the things I'd say
How you broke her when you disappeared
How I hear her say,

You'd make your father proud.
It echoes through the years
As if I could forget all a mother's tears

No, don't say a word
Leave while you still can
Put out your light

Now I guess you're going
A figure through the door
And your taillights faded
Like twenty years before

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