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B : BABYFACE : Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face
Текст песни How Can U Be Down

How Can U Be Down

Called me up on a friday night
'cause she knew you'd be out with ya girls
Said she always thought that I was fly
Me and her should maybe take a twirl
I told her girl no no no
But she still came knocking at my door
I told her to go go home
But that made her even want me more
And now she's busy trying to signify
That there was something going on between her and i
Well that's the kinds sh*t that I won't dignify
With an answer come on

How can you be down
She ain't down for you
Don't be so naive she playin you
Why is she around
Girlfriend just ain't cool
Tried to take your man
Now she's takin you
You need to say no no no
Momma didn't raise no fool
You need to let her know know know
There'll be no more running games on you

Dropped the crib early tuesday night
'cause she knew you'd be away at school
Tried to seduce me with all kinda lies
Tried to make me think the worst of you
I told her girl no no no
She dropped out and tried to give me a kiss
I told her to go go home
Then she said you gon' be sorry for this
And now she's out there trying to testify
That there is something going on between her and i
That's the kinda sh*t that I won't let get by
Don't she know that I'm grown


Somtime your friends
Aint what they seem
Want all your hopes and dreams
And the will do just bout, sh*t, anything
Whatever it's gonna take to bring you oo down sea
Give em' and inch they'll take a mile
Knife in your back all with a smile
Don't be surprised when they clean out your house
Betta not bring no stray dogs home

Chorus til fade

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