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A : ARCWELDER : Jacket Made in Canada

Jacket Made in Canada
Текст песни When You're Gone

When You're Gone

(music r graber, words s macdonald)
Think about the earth and the sun and the moon
Tell me how we should react when they turn into your spittoon
You'd like to make as much as your age by twenty five
I'd like to make a lasting impression while I'm still alive

When you're gone

Time to take a serious look at what really counts
I won't judge people by sizes of bank accounts
It makes no sense when the working is so hard
Money is money is cash you can't send me a postcard

When you're gone

You somehow come you somehow go is there something more you need to know
No insight love or lasting pain but you know it isn't just some game and all this means
I know one thing this is this is happiness I guess and all I really know is this

When you're gone...

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