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A : ANI DIFRANCO : Puddle Dive

Puddle Dive
Текст песни Born a Lion

Born a Lion

I'm not hurting anyone
I'm just telling my truth
And if there
If there is something wrong
Then maybe
There's something wrong with you
What's the big deal
Get over it
Just 'cause I do up in your face
What other people do behind your back
Why we all gotta look
Gotta act the same
I say
If you're born a lion
Don't bother trying to act tame
Everything I do
I do for the first time
I got a big crush on you
And it's crushing my mind
Can I follow you home
And listen to you think
Leave my lip prints on your cups
Leave my hairs in your sink
They think I'm out there
Out there living on the fringe
This is my world
And I invited them in
They should try living
By my rules for a day
Nobody would die
There'd be lots of stuff to say
I'm not hurting anyone
No I'm not hurting anyone

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