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A : ANI DIFRANCO : Little Plastic Castle

Little Plastic Castle
Текст песни Loom


You always got those dark sunglasses
Covering half your face
But if you promise to take them off
I promise I won't squander your gaze
I will be picturesque
I will be nice
I won't do anything
You can't tell your wife
I will think before I act
I will think twice
Just let me see your eyes

Each time we've spoken
We've put in our token
And ridden the tilt-a-whirl
I was giggling and dizzy
Flirting like a twelve year old girl
The carnival of you and me
Is coming to town
Watch how we spin and spin
And then fall down
Now we just say hello
And head for firmer ground

You are the one-way glass
That watches me
Standing in line at the bank
I always looked into your glasses
Like a cat looks into a fish tank
But all I could ever see
Was the specter of me reflected
I want a monument of the friendship
That we never had, erected
I want to take up lots of room
I want it to loom

You always got those dark sunglasses
Between us when we talk
But after the party is over
If you wanna take a walk
We could just look around
Not do nothing wrong
Just try to be at least as brave as our songs
I will bring my heart
I will bring my face
You name the time and place

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