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Текст песни No More

No More

I got some questions
That I wanna ask you
And boy don't even try lie
Cuz already found out the truth
Seen you at the hotel
Walkin in room 3
Told me you was workin
But you were with her cheatin on me
No no no

No no no
I ain't takin this no more
It's time for me to say bye bye
Wipe away my tears cuz there aint
No need to cry

See all you wanna do
Is play game with my mind
But boy I don't play games
For the simple fact that
I don't have the time
I kept it real with you
But you didn't keep it real with me
So here's the keys to your car
I think it's time for you to leave


You tell me to call you
But you ain't ever home
Tell me hit you on your cellular
But your cellular ain't ever on
See I was that girl
Who would be by your side
But I got sick and tired
Of all your lies


So you me to be your second ms.
But in it's place find the one to be dissed don't play with me cuz I ain't wit
It wanna turn around and hate a fool well while you slay me I'll slay you so
What what what you gon do now you think you the man with the master plan
But ovbiously you don't know who I am turn around and tell me what's the deal
When I will show you exactly how I feel here's the keys get in your ride take
Your clothes or they gon be outside
Huh what what what
Take your key get in your ride
Take your clothes are they gon be outside
Huh what
Oh you think that I'm playin
Ya better open up your ears and
Listen to what I'm sayin
Cuz what I'm sayin I'm only sayin today
Ha ha ha boy I ain't playin
Oh you think this is a joke
Uh uh no no no
Your stuff is packed it out the door cuz I'm tellin you right now I aint
Takin this
No ooh whoa whoa whoa whoa no


Say bye bye

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